Want a killer core? You’ve come to the right place! I’m sharing a TIFFXO workout that’ll burn fat while building lean definition all throughout your midsection. I call this my Core-azy Rep 500 challenge – by the time you finish you would have done 500 reps. What an epic effort! So keep that sweat towel and water bottle handy, pace yourself, and get ready to feel the burn!

We’re going to do two rounds total. Complete all of the below movements, taking a 30 second rest between each if needed – this is one round. Rest for a minute, and then repeat everything again for your second and final round.

Mountain Climbers x 50 each leg

Start in the high plank position and bring your right knee towards your right elbow, then push back. Alternate this with left leg to left elbow. Do it as quickly as you can, as if you were running!

Kick Throughs x 25 each leg

Start in a high plank position, kick through your left leg to the right-hand side while holding the plank with your left hand. Return to the start position and repeat with your right leg through to the left-hand side.

Squats x 25

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, head facing forward, and hands by your side. Sink down as if you’re sitting on a chair, pushing your weight through your heels so your knees are in line with your toes. Then stand back up to the starting position!

Push-ups x 25

This is a classic that I’m sure you’re familiar with. You can do push-ups either on your toes or knees. Just remember to tuck your bum in, and push all the way up. That may mean rounding your spine like I do, or it might not. Just go as far as you can.

Kick Sit-ups x 25 each leg

Begin lying on your back. Raise your right arm straight above your face, and then sit up while keeping your arm raised. Kick your left leg up to meet your right arm and then return to start position. Repeat on the other side. If the kick is too much simply keep your legs down and bring your arm to meet your foot on the ground.

Made it through? Go you! But remember to get that tight tum you’ve dreamed of, exercise is only half the equation. You need to fuel yourself with clean, nourishing (and delish) food. Like they always say – abs are made in the gym, but revealed in the kitchen. Combine the above workout with clean eating and you could be seeing results in as little as a week!

Tiffiny Hall is a fitness expert and the founder of TIFFXO. The TIFFXO online health and fitness program also has thousands of healthy and yummy recipes to help you get that abs of your dreams.

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