When it comes to maintaining a healthy, balanced diet, small changes can often make a dramatic difference.

From portion control to simple food swaps, Rhian Allen – aka The Healthy Mummy – has revealed just how easy it can be – and you might be surprised.

The Sydney-based blogger – who created a weight loss program for mums – has recently pictured several meals side-by-side to reveal how small changes can make a huge difference to your calorie count.

In a blog post titled, “The simple reason you’re not losing weight & how to fix it” Rhian shared some healthy recipes, which also illustrate how easy it is to “go overboard”.

“As a busy mum of two, I know how easy it can be to go overboard with your daily calorie requirements!” Wrote Rhian.

“You think you’re being healthy and making great meals but the weight isn’t shifting.”

Mum-of-two Rhian shared a comfort food favourite – creamy mushroom and bacon ravioli.

The meal should contain 328 calories, but Rhian revealed just how easy it is to increase this to 797.

For one portion, she increased the amount of ravioli to 185g, used 100ml of “regular fat thickened” cream instead of reduced-fat, added just two extra rashers of bacon and increased the measure of olive oil to 10ml.

Next up, Rhian shared some very delicious-looking Greek burgers.

The almost identical images show one burger with 387 calories and another with 690.

Rhian revealed the simple changes she made to almost double the calorie count, with the amount of cheese being a huge contributing factor:

“Increased to 120g beef mince per serve, changed wholegrain bread roll to 1 medium Turkish bread roll, added 1 tsp butter to the roll, increased feta in the burger patty to 25g, added 1 slice regular fat cheddar cheese (20g) to the burger fillings.”

Rhian also revealed the benefits of swapping white potato for sweet potato and reducing full-fat sauces.

While the meal on the right contains 356 calories, Rhian was able to increase this to 623 by adding extra chicken, using white potato, swapping yoghurt to supermarket-bought aioli, using white breadcrumbs instead of homemade wholemeal and increasing oil content to two tablespoons.

The health blogger also revealed how easy it is to increase the amount of fat in a Mexican lasagne recipe.

Doubling the amount of mince to 800g, kidney beans to 400g, using full-fat sour cream and cheese (instead of reduced-fat alternatives) and adding 250g of white sauce can take the calorie count from 505 to 932.

Who said pizza can’t be a healthy dinner?

In her blog post, Rhian shares a 440 calorie Supreme pizza recipe, but reveals the tiny changes that can almost double the calorie count.

Using a supermarket-bought pizza base instead of pitta bread and increasing the ham, salami and mozzarella to 40g each can add 396 extra calories.

And when it comes to sweet treats, the health guru shared two mouth-watering recipes.

Rhian’s Cherry Choc Slice should contain 131 calories, but switching dark chocolate to milk, increasing the amount of shredded coconut to 85g (from 50g), removing chia seeds and increasing the portion size takes the treat up to 314 calories per serving.

Although Rhian’s 83 calorie mango and passionfruit ice blocks might seem like a healthy option, the frozen sweet can easily creep up to 217 calories per portion by swapping tofu for full fat vanilla yoghurt, almond milk for full-fat thickened cream and increasing maple syrup to 60g.

Rhian wrote: “When it comes to making meals and you’re trying your best to make everyone in the family happy, sometimes you may not realise the portions are too large or you use ingredients that could be swapped with healthier options.”

This article originally appeared on The Sun and is republished here with permission.

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