If you live on planet earth you definitely would’ve come across one particular jaw-dropping image this week: J.Lo’s bod.

In a new photo shoot for InStyle magazine, the singer is seen baring more (aka nothing) than she ever has before.

“I’ve taken care of myself, and now it shows,” she told the magazine.

The 49-year-old has never been shy about her body, and her 81.5 million Instagram followers know she loves a good cheeky mirror selfie at the gym.

So what in the world is her secret to looking that hot? She credits three things: no coffee, no alcohol, and a good night’s sleep. Ahhh yes, three things we struggle to achieve on a daily basis.

But TBH it’s more like five things, because she forgot the two most crucial elements: spending hours at the gym, and following a strict AF diet.

After giving birth to her twins (yep, she’s also had babies), The Jenny from the Block singer credited a vegan diet for her weight loss. On this diet she told Extra she felt her energy levels soar. “It was a real change, but more than that I felt better and people were like ‘Your energy’s better’.”

But those muscles shouldn’t all be credited to a plant-based diet because in an interview with Us Weekly, the celeb revealed she loves all types of protein – including pork and chicken – cooked in Puerto Rican style for extra flavour and spice.

She also swears by a good protein shake in the morning. “It sets the tone for the day and gives me a lot of energy,” she told news.com.au.

As for the snacks, she limits herself to organic fruits and veggies.

But don’t worry, it’s not all doom and gloom for the singer. In all things there must be balance and for this red carpet regular it’s chocolate chips. When confirming their relationship on The View, J.Lo’s ripped BF Alex Rodriguez admitted that she’s a fan of these guys… especially in ice cream.

Well, at least there’s one thing we have in common. Maybe there is hope.

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