I know it’s a crazy amount to fork out on a product that literally washes your hair, but shampoos have come a long away. They no longer just ‘clean’. Instead, they do anything from rehydrate, add texture, enhance colour and even straighten your strands. So, when I heard there was a bottle on the market that was pretty much the equivalent to a gourmet dinner, I had to see what all the fuss was about.

Hair Rituel by Sisley has three shampoo formulations – volumising, smoothing and straightening. I have dabbled in heat styling with no protection, bleach and permanent dye, so damage, frizz and flyaways are a daily battle I hoped the smoothing shampoo could fight.

At first glance it’s super glossy and felt rich in my hands, and once I worked it into my hair I could tell it was a quality drop – it doesn’t have an overbearing fake fragrance and it doesn’t foam up like drying sulphate shampoos; instead it feels like a thick lather. And that’s because it’s made from lush hydrating ingredients like macadamia and moringa oils, a string of vitamins and minerals like zinc, copper, vitamin E, B6, B5, and proteins to rebuild and repair damaged locks.

My hair felt soft even before conditioning, and detangling post-wash was a breeze. But the biggest test was in the drying process. Usually I don’t even blow dry my hair because it gets so frizzy and static, but in the name of research I had to. I was surprised that most of the fluff and flyaways I’ve come to expect had been cut in half; my hair was pretty smooth – like it said it’d be. Fast forward to three more washes and I’ve definitely noticed an increase in shine and softness, which may give my treatment and styling products a run for their money… especially since all that styling is now done in the shower.

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