It’s another week, which means there’s another new piece of revolutionary insight into how Halle Berry stays fit and healthy AF. Last Friday the actress sat down with her trainer, Peter Thomas, for their #FridayFitness “PHIT Talks” segment to talk all things bloating.

It’s an issue too many of us deal with on a daily basis, and Halle and Peter know too well the discomfort and pain it can lead to.

But instead of pointing out all the foods to avoid (read: onions, garlic, wheat, rye, and cow’s milk), the duo revealed what you should consume to relieve the bloat: charcoal and fennel seed tea.

“I personally used to have this problem with bloating and I found that charcoal, especially derived from coconuts, is probably the best thing you can do for gas, bloating, it even helps people who have Irritable Bowel Syndrome,” Thomas explains.

“Another thing you can do is use fennel seed or drink fennel seed tea. It’s pretty easy to find and I like to combine the two together. It’s a really pleasant taste if you’re into fennel.”

But Halle warns “it’s not the charcoal used to cook with” – because that’ll just be a complete disaster.

Instead, the two swear by Bulletproof’s Coconut Charcoal capsules to alleviate discomfort, improve digestion, and naturally remove toxins, bacteria and gas from the body.

“This company here – Bulletproof – they make some great stuff. This is my go-to and it’s very high absorbancy. There are lots of different charcoal products out there, but this one is just really really good,” Thomas adds.

Of course, exercising regularly will also improve abdominal wall muscle tone and relieve gas, and we all know Halle is the perfect person to follow on Instagram if you’re in need of some seriously hard-core workout #inspo.

Always make sure to consult a GP before making any dietary changes.

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