While breakfast may have been given the boot on many a fasting regime, for those of us who are happy to eat regular meals and snacks, there is a lot to be said for kick-starting the day with a nutrient-rich brekkie.

For some people, breakfast translates into a substantial, filling meal that will keep them going until lunchtime.

For others, all that is needed is a small meal to get the body going after the night’s fast, or something little so you are kept full for a couple of hours until it is time for morning tea or a much loved mid-morning coffee.

If this sounds like the type of breakfast you need, here are some nutrient-rich, filling breakfasts that clock in at just 200 calories or less.

Protein Toast

There is a growing range of protein-based breads available in supermarkets that are super filling with up to 10g of protein and 5g of fibre per slice.

Teamed with an egg or ΒΌ avocado you have an extremely nutritious, filling breakfast option that can also be prepared in just a few minutes for 180-200 calories per serve.

Veggie Omelette

If eggs are your thing, a couple of scrambled eggs offers more than 16g of good quality protein per serve and is one of the most filling breakfasts out there.

Better still, when you team your eggs with a tonne of mixed vegetables and enjoy them as a frittata or omelette you will have created an extremely filling breakfast for just 160-180 calories per serve.

Protein Oats

If you love your oats, there are two simple ways of creating an extra filling version for just 200 calories.

You can either invest in the new ranges of protein oats which are just 180 calories per sachet and enjoy your oats made with water, or you can use regular oats and add a teaspoon or two of protein powder to achieve a similar nutrient profile for minimal calories.

High Protein Greek Yoghurt

An individual tub of plain, no-added-sugar, high protein Greek yoghurt contains just over 100 calories per serve and with up to 16g of protein per tub, it will keep you full and satisfied for at least a couple of hours.

If you then use your remaining calories to add some berries, kiwi fruit or even a small banana you will have created a protein and fibre rich breakfast for just 200 calories.

Baked Beans on Corn Cakes

Nutritious, low-calorie breakfasts do not always have to mean options that take a lot of prep time. For example, you can team a small tin of baked beans along with two or three corn-based crackers for a high protein, high fibre breakfast that contains just 150-200 calories.

Susie Burrell is a dietitian and nutritionist. Continue the conversation on Twitter @SusieBDiet.