Finding the time to eat a balanced breakfast, or any breakfast at all, can be challenging due to the madness of the morning rush. According to a new UNCLE TOBYS Oats study, 25 per cent of Aussies miss breakfast at least once a week, making us the one of the world’s worst breakfast skippers.

When a specific diet comes into play, it makes it more difficult to plan your busy mornings around prepping a breakfast that not only adheres to your diet, but will also keep you feeling full until lunchtime.

Here, dietitian and nutritionist Susie Burrell shares quick and nutritious brekkie inspo for the trendiest diets of the moment. They also require little preparation, proving that breakfast is not out of reach, even for the time poor.

Ketogenic diet

What is the Ketogenic diet?

One of the trendiest diets of late is no doubt the ketogenic diet – it consists of high-fat, moderate-protein and minimal carbohydrates. The premise is to encourage the body to burn fats, rather than carbohydrates.

What can I eat?

  • Bacon, tomato and spinach omelette
  • Keto pancakes with berries
  • Keto Mexican scrambled eggs
  • Keto coconut porridge

Gluten-free diet

What is the gluten-free diet?

A gluten free diet strictly excludes gluten, which includes wheat, rye and barley. Gluten is found in a wide variety of foods, such as flour, bread, pasta and processed foods. This is particularly common and beneficial for treating digestive problems.

What can I eat?

  • Overnight chia seed pudding
  • Gluten-free toast with avocado and egg
  • Banana berry smoothie
  • Mushroom and zucchini frittata

Dairy-free diet

What is the dairy-free diet?

Dairy-free is commonly followed if you have allergy or intolerance to lactose or dairy products. Many people following a vegan diet will eat a diet free from dairy.

What can I eat?

  • Poached eggs with avocado on toast
  • Sweet potato frittatas
  • Green smoothie bowl with mango

Nutrient-rich diet

What is a Nutrient-rich diet?

This diet heroes all five food groups, lean meats, fruits, vegetables and legumes, grains and dairy, in order to maintain a healthy and balanced diet. This diet allows for more flexibility and ideal for busy mornings.

What can I eat?

  • Eggs on toast with a side of tomato and mushroom
  • UNCLE TOBYS Oats Breakfast Bakes – a baked blend of whole grain oats, fruit & nuts, that contains the same amount of oats as a bowl of porridge and can be enjoyed on the go
  • Greek yogurt with blueberries and a slice of toast

Sugar-free diet

What is a Sugar-free diet?

Sounds self-explanatory, however this diet eliminates all foods that contain added sugars. This diet also eliminates some fruits and vegetables that contain high levels of natural sugars.

What can I eat?

  • Greek yoghurt with blueberries
  • Kale, tomato and poached egg on toast
  • Coffee Mint Smoothie

Low-fat diet

What is a low-fat diet?

Opting to follow a low-fat diet has increased in popularity – meaning your diet contains about 30 per cent of your daily calories from fat, or less.

What can I eat?

  • Berry smoothie bowl
  • Pan fried-beans with a poached egg and parsley
  • Pumpkin and spinach quiche

Paleo diet

What is a Paleo diet?

The paleo or ‘caveman’ diet is based around the foods presumed to have been eaten by early humans. It consists mainly of protein, fish, vegetables and fruit, excluding dairy, cereal products and highly-processed foods.

What can I eat?

  • Banana and nut porridge (mixed with water)
  • Boiled eggs with chicken and mushrooms