Susie Burrell is a nutritionist. Follow her on Twitter: @SusieBDiet

As a dietitian, I love it when people are able to eat healthy foods and save plenty of money doing it.

We know that one of the biggest barriers to healthy eating can be the cost, real or perceived, so the greater the number of healthy items that we can purchase as part of our regular supermarket shop, the better.

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If one of your techniques for saving money each week is to shop at Aldi, there are some great options available. These snacks let you get all the benefits of health food for a fraction of the regular price.

Damora Artisan 2 Grain & 4 Seed Crackers

Cost: $2.99

Not all cracker biscuits are good choices, from a nutritional perspective.

And while those that contain wholegrains are generally better for you, they can still be packed with extra fillers, salts and sugars.

What I particularly like about these crackers, is they contain a significant amount of added seeds — 23 per cent, in fact, of pepitas, linseeds and sunflower kernels.These all add much needed long chain, good fats into our diets.

These crunchy crackers are great with dips, or as a base to lunch meals.

Oh So Natural Wholefoods Soup Mix

Cost — $1.49

For less than $2, you can literally get 10 or more serves of this soup, once you add a little stock and fresh vegetables to a scoop of this mix.

The ingredients are so high in fibre and protein, you will be full for hours after eating it.

One of the easiest ways to slash your food bill each week is to include a soup in your meal plan, and this is the base you need to make it with.

The Fresh Salad Company Salad Bowl

Cost: $3.99

For anyone who has spent upwards of $15 on a simple salad at lunchtime, this product is for you.

Generally found fresh each day, these salad bowls are large and tasty, thanks to the dressing.

They can easily be teamed with a tin of fish for a quick and easy $5 lunch.

Plus, no mess, as you can keep everything in the bowl and you even get a little fork to go with it.

85 per cent Lower Carb Bread

Cost — $4.99

This reduced carb bread contains a blend of wheat, soy and lupin proteins, along with plenty of seeds and wholegrain flours.

There is just 5g of carbs per 2 slices of this bread, as well as a massive 23g of protein and 11g of fibre.

It’s a great option with avocado for breakfast, or a filling afternoon snack with nut spread.

Your gut and waistline will love this lower carb alternative to regular bread.

Market fare Vegetable BBQ Tray

Cost: $3.99

The reason I love this vegetable mix so much is that, unlike many vegetable based products, it is not filled with starchy veggies.

Instead, it’s jam packed with nutrient-rich capsicum, eggplant and zucchini.

It’s so easy and convenient, all you need to do is pop the tray in the oven and you have a tasty vegetable bake, ready in minutes.

All without the need to shop, chop and deal with the seasonal differences in vegetable prices.

Ocean Rise Tuna & Rice Meal

Cost — $1.99

With 25 per cent tuna, 17g of protein per serve and less than 1g of sugar, this is a really clean ingredient list with minimal additives.

It really is hard to fault this meal on the run, especially when it comes in at under $2.

Handy for back up meals, quick lunches or even a filling snack.

You don’t even need to find yourself a bowl.

Good nutrition does not get easier — or cheaper — than this.